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Dungeness Crab with Cellophane Noodles

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dungeness crab noodles

Dungeness crab with cellophane noodles is a very light and healthy dish. Cellophane noodles may know as glass noodles or bean thread noodles, and the ingredients have either mung bean flour or green pea flour and water. When the noodles reconstitute in hot water, it turns from white and opaque to transparent in color. They become soft, slippery and pliable to the touch. They are also naturally wheat- and gluten-free. This glass noodle is common in Asian dishes such as japchae (Korea) and pancit (Philippines). You can find cellophane noodles at your grocery market in the Asian aisle section and any Asian markets. 

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

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What’s Taiwan famous for?  That’s right, Taiwanese beef noodle soup! This authentic dish is easy to prepare and is a must have on your list of soups to make during the cold winter months.

Taiwanese beef noodle soup is called hong shao niu rou mian. Beef shank or brisket are traditionally used, but a nice marbled beef chuck would work as well. The beef becomes so tender in this dish, and the broth is full of intense flavor (thanks to the anise seed!) when simmered for up to 3 hours. It is worth the wait. Baby bok choy or other leafy Asian greens add additional texture and flavor to the overall dish and can be blanched just before serving and laid right on top.

Asian Flavored Meat Sauce over Noodles

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Flavored Meat Sauce Over Noodles

Growing up, I loved eating any one of the many Asian street style minced meat and bean sauce combinations served over rice, noodles, and even in soups. The concentrated flavor of the sauce absorbs into the meat and other ingredients to create meat sauce heaven. It is comfort food to me and will always be a part of my recipe rotation. This dish, Asian Flavored Meat Sauce Over Noodles, is one of my favorites.  It’s also the easiest recipe ever! All you have to do is stir-fry the onions and ground pork, then add that epic, Asian flavored, bean sauce.  After that, add the cornstarch, water, sesame oil and sugar mixture and voila!  I know you will enjoy this Asian flavored meat sauce over noodles. For the beer pairing, we went for Apocalypse IPA brewed by 10 Barrel Brewing Company out of Bend, OR.

Product Review: OXO Good Grips Corer

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OXO Corer

My significant other told me this awesome gadget he bought on Amazon a month ago. He was looking for an apple corer and found OXO Good Grips Corer.  The overside nonslip handle helps keep your hand from slipping especially when your hands are wet from washing the fruits. It removes the apple core effortlessly. I don’t need to go through the hassle of using a paring knife and carefully carve out the seeds. The corer works well with pears, cucumbers and tomatoes too! 

{Closed} Giveaway: Circulon Roaster with Removable Rack and Circulon Symmetry Chocolate 11-Piece Set

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Turkey Talk II

Ready for the big giveaway announcement? One lucky winner will win a Circulon Roaster with Removable Rack and Circulon Symmetry Chocolate 11-Piece Set! The giveaway is worth $340! No purchase necessary to enter or win.